The WNTW Difference - Helping Your Business Development process.

Why Select WNTW as Your Marketing & Advertizing Partner?

At 10,000 watts WNTW is the 2nd most powerful station in the area covering Richmond to the North Carolina Border, Amelia Courthouse to Tidewater. Radio is the leading reach platform in North America. 93% of us listen to AM/FM radio over the airwaves, which is higher than TV viewership (88%), PC use (50%), smartphone use (83%), and tablet use (37%), More than 243 million American adults listen to the radio each month. 


The team WNTW represents more than just media based marketing and advertizing. Unlike other TV or radio stations we bring the expertise to manage the entire business development cycle, not just designing ads.

Our team includes experts who have built enduring branding and marketing campaigns in the software and hospitality industries, built sales management and compensation systems for pharmaceuticals and landscaping firms, and service as sales for insurance and transportation companies.

Our business model is simple - focus on small businesses that need to generate more profitable sales by employing a few simple rules of a marketing agency:

  • Demand Based Production (listener based business programming)
  • Revisit the Past (bring back those elements that made radio great and lost through syndication and automation)
  • Strengthen the Weakest Link (help business owners/entrepreneurs expand their marketing and sales operations)



The History of AM Radio

William Eastman, General Manager at WNTW explains how AM Radio has evolved over the years and why it must change to better serve its listeners.

The WNTW Difference

How WNTW Produces Results

As the industry looks for the next profit model, the team at WNTW is betting on a combination strategy (not Blue Ocean or Optimizing) of marrying the heritage of radio with the power of business consulting - and you have a ring side seat for the future of news/talk radio. You will hear it everyday on WNTW.

What does that look like? 

Business Development

We take two perspectives on your need to generate more sales. The first is strategic and looks at the entire business development process. There are four elements necessary to build an effective selling machine: 

  1. Brand is the force that draws stakeholders (customers, employees, suppliers, investors) to your company and it's offer.
  2. Marketing creates brand awareness in the marketplace which builds strong preferences for the company and it's offer.
  3. Sales is the essence of business survival and growth, maximizing the marketing based opportunities to drive revenue.
  4. Service is not a random act of kindness. Selling to existing customers has a lower cost of sales and a greater potential for higher margins.

Integrated Advertizing

The second step is tactical - how to build an integrated approach that uses the buying persona of perfect customers and how to use traditional and digital media to surround them. There are 3 elements necessary to maximize the impact of marketing spend: 

  1. Perfect Customer is a potential customer with (1) unmet or undermet needs with the (2) financial ability to purchase, and (3) early in the buying process; known as your “sweet spot”.
  2. Buying Persona's is the perfect customers process for making buying decisions  - how do they weigh options to arrive at the best choice.
  3. Surround Them means using all communication channels to surround them with information that makes your offer preferred and inoculates against the competitions pitch.



The WNTW 'Black Box'

William Eastman, General Manager at WNTW explains how our team can help your business generate more profitable sales.

The WNTW Difference


Branding that attracts profitable customers and great employees

Identification of the 'perfect customer' to understand their buying process and ensure your offer is the first choice.

Surrounding customers with messaging that makes it more difficult for the competition

Providing a complete solution that fully uses traditional and digital media - website, SEO, social media, and youtube. Additionally you inoculate the customer from competitor offers.

Inclusion in WNTW's local programming

Instead of just an ad spot randomly aired over the course of the day, your business will be highlighted on our local shows.

Professional audio and video production for all of your marketing channels

We bring the power of our studios to provide professional audio and video content for your marketing and sales channels.

Moving prospective customers through the sales funnel

Increase your close ratios (qualified leads to closed deals), time in the sales funnel, and improve margins on each sale.

Messaging to existing customers and keep them coming back.

Continuous engagement of existing customers to drive higher margin sales.