About Us

Our Programming


WNTW offers its listeners a different perspective on talk radio. Our programming is a balance of Politics, Business, and Life that explains why our tagline is "The Answer".

  • Politics - advocates for the constitution and markets, not a political party.
  • Business - advocates for wealth generation and job creation, belief in the private sector.
  • Life - advocates for living on purpose; regardless of your religious beliefs we are what we believe we are.

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Our Top Local Shows


While we are proud to offer great syndicated political, business, and life shows - our passion is powerful local programming.

  • The John Fredericks Show: the best real-time reporting on local politics in the state.
  • On the Mic with Mike RVA: In the role of local impresario Mike brings together people of interest you normally would never hear about. Our most entertaining and eclectic show.
  • Living on Your Terms: our business, economics, and life show dedicated to living life on your terms, not at the leave of others. You have 2 choices in life - be a player or a victim. We believe being a player is a life worth living.
  • Murph in the Afternoon: not your typical drive time show, we are dedicated to the Richmond-Petersburg area and surrounding communities with information critical to them with a ton of attitude.
  • The Lee Brothers Show: a Richmond Institution providing humorous and insightful perspective on the human condition.

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The Future of WNTW


WNTW has been broadcasting out of Chester VA and part of the Richmond-Petersburg and surrounding communities since 2014. However, where we have been is less important than WNTW’s future.

Our belief is the country and Central Virginia has had enough of the negativity and polarization of political speech inflicted on us daily.

This is not a statement of capitulation to political correctness, rather a declaration of what is working. The news is neutral; it is the decisions you make that will determine positive or negative.

We are experiencing the best economy in at least 35 years, a level of equality never before achieved, and a diminishing of global conflicts that remove our soldiers, sailors, and airman from harm's way.

We intend to build on this great economy and make the American Dream real for anybody willing to try.

That is what you can expect from the New WNTW. All you have to do is listen or live stream.

The WNTW Team


William Eastman - General Manager

“Life only makes sense in retrospect; a life, a career can only be lived in real-time and therefore nothing is inevitable.”

Bill joined the WNTW family in April bringing a fresh approach to business operations and programming. He is General Manager for the WNTW Station in Chester. Bill's love of radio started decades ago when he received his first radio - a Hallicrafters S-119 Sky Buddy II.

He has been a serial entrepreneur over the last 4 decades creating 5 company's with the common mixture of success – 2 successful, 2 unsuccessful, and 1 work in progress. This experience formed the basic question of the last two decades of his life – why do some businesses succeed while others fail?

"I approach my role @WNTW as a Business Scientist and Entrepreneurial Capitalist."


Brian Holland - Director of Programming

We are excited to announce Brian has joined the WNTW Team.

He has worked for several radio stations around the nation as an on air talk host, news director, general manager, and program director. Brian's radio career took me to a nationwide morning program where I was heard on 92 affiliate stations.

While at the network, he also served as Affiliate Relations Director and National Promotions Director. Brian began his career as a print journalist in the Norfolk, VA, market and worked as a television program producer in sports and documentary programming as well.



Christopher Boykin - Marketing

Christopher Boykin is an American Multimedia journalist, radio and television producer, publisher, and Founder of Stardom Media, a News/ Media & Entertainment company based in Virginia. The Stardom Media brand was established in 2010 along with younger brother co-founder Joseph Boykin.

As Editor-in-Chief of a new publication, Christopher was able to secure a joint venture distribution deal in only eight months that placed Stardom101 Magazine print issues in 117 stores and newsstands across 23 US states. The deal would later put Stardom101 Magazine in a nationwide growth spurt and establish it's presence as a influential news publication for decades to come.


Steven Wentworth-Kennedy - Branding

If you've discovered this site, you're probably seeking some type of change in your business and life; for many small business ownersMaybe you're tired of doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. No one is ever broken, so there's nothing to fix. Rather it is about belief -  "a miracle is a shift in belief from fear to love." The mind is quick to store negativity in your subconscious mind like a card file in a library. Getting complete with our past and moving powerfully forward. The Landmark Education Organization put it succinctly, "it's not what we know or what we don't know that can allow for imbalance in our lives. It's what we don't know that we don't know that can keep us stuck."