Potential Speaking Topics

The following is a list of potential presentations by the team at WNTW and our partners. There are few business related topics beyond our combined experience.

Business Topics

Business Development

  1. Brand is the force that draws stakeholders (customers, employees, suppliers, investors) to your company and it's offer.
  2. Marketing creates brand awareness in the marketplace which builds strong preferences for the company and it's offer.
  3. Sales is the essence of business survival and growth, maximizing the marketing based opportunities to drive revenue.
  4. Service is not a random act of kindness. Selling to existing customers has a lower cost of sales and a greater potential for higher margins.

Integrated Advertizing

  1. Perfect Customer is a potential customer with (1) unmet or undermet needs with the (2) financial ability to purchase, and (3) early in the buying process; known as your “sweet spot”.
  2. Buying Persona's is the perfect customers process for making buying decisions  - how do they weigh options to arrive at the best choice.
  3. Surround Them means using all communication channels to surround them with information that makes your offer preferred and inoculates against the competitions pitch.


The WNTW Team

William Eastman

Bill is the new General Manager and came to WNTW from the consulting industry. He has 40 years in the business of helping businesses perform and grow. He also spent a number of years as an International Speaker with Career Track, the Ken Blanchard Companies, and the International Thought Leader Network.

He speaks on Business Development and Integrated Advertizing, both focused on blending digital with traditional marketing and advertizing methods to maximize marketing spend.

Bill brings a unique balance of training, consulting, and management experience to his presentations. Whether producing performance management systems for 40,000 employees, improving government contracting processes, or building infrastructure with entrepreneurs in West Africa, Bill has the practical experience to bridge the gap between theory and work.

In his career Bill has held the positions: 

  • General Manager, WNTW 820AM/92.7FM, CPBroadcasting
  • Managing Partner, GrowthWorx Media
  • Senior Consultant, the GreenMark Group
  • Director of Innovation,  Celebrity Service Institute
  • SVP Knowledge Management, International Speakers Bureau
  • EVP Consulting Services, Trainingscape
  • Managing Partner, Ken Blanchard Companies
  • Team Leader, Economic Development, United Nations Development Programmes
  • Chief Leadership and Management Program, United States Coast Guard 

Have Bill bring his unique experience to your next event. Contact us at 800.279.9689