During the month of December we are offering the best advertizing deal in Central Virginia: regardless of which Marketing and Advertizing Package you select, we will double your coverage. Buy a week and receive a second week for FREE, buy a month and the second month is FREE. 

Why is it important to start on the Holiday Season today?

  1. Economists are predicting 3.7% growth in holiday spending from last year or $1.1 trillion dollars.
  2. Holiday shopping starts early - Halloween signals the start of the season - 60% plan to start the first week of November.
  3. There are 9 Special Shopping Events between November 1st and the end of the year.


  • Our Marketing Agency will help you focus messaging on savings and promotions unique to each time period.
  • Build a sense of urgency through time sensitive promotions.
  • We will use (or help create) all of your traditional and digital channels to build an integrated message, not just the power of radio.

You have an unique opportunity to place messaging in front of prospective buyers faster and more cost effectively than the competition - click the Take Action Now Button below and a member of the WNTW Marketing Team will start working for you now.

Great Advertizing Options

Sponsor the News

At a price not to be believed, you can sponsor the following news services: FOX News at the top of the hour, Salem Radio Network News at the bottom of the hour, Lou Dobbs hourly Business Report, and CNBC's Closing Market Bell.

Sponsor a Syndicated Show

A second option is you can sponsor a segment from our syndicated shows. Imagine your business being featured during Dan Celia's Financial Issues, with Del Walmsley's Show, part of Dennis Prager's Show, or Dave Ramsey? Just like Sponsoring the News, you cannot believe what is affordable - we can fit any budget.

Advertizing on a Syndicated Show

Here is one of the great opportunities in media - brand association. Imagine the impact on prospective customers when they hear on a nationally syndicated show your business's message. Depending on your package, you can designate when your commercials will play.

More Advertizing Options

Sponsor a Local Show

If you are looking for a way to stretch your marketing dollars, sponsoring a local show is the right choice. Unlike Sponsoring a Syndicated Show, your business will receive additional promotion from our local hosts including being on the show. 

Advertizing on a Local Show

If you need more than s few mentions during a Local Show, your 30 or 60 second advertizing spots will play during the week and receive additional promotion by our local hosts.

Host Your Own Show

The ultimate marketing solution. WNTW, unlike other local stations, is moving away from just Syndication. We are building a great base of local talent who are promoting their companies or talking about subjects important to them.

How To Take Action While The Offer is Hot

The time to act is now. Start the process by contacting one of marketing experts and discuss your goals for increasing revenue especially as we approach the holidays. Call our General Manager and Director Marketing & Sales @804.930.8989 or click the link below and complete the request form.

The time to act is now, start the conversation today.